This little two stage compressor I found in a barn in Livermore, California. It was lying by itself all covered in dust. I spun the pulley and heard it suck faintly, so took it to my shop. Removed the head and found rust and debris on top of pistons and valves. I cleaned everything up, gave each cylinder a slight honing, rinsed everything out including the crankcase with solvent. Replaced the head and put in fresh oil in crankcase – spun the crank and it had a real healthy sound. Got an old pulley and belt off the wall, adapted it to my drill and tested the compressor to see how it worked. It worked so well that I found an old tank off a pruning machine, bought a new 1 HP electric motor and the rest is history as you can see by the photo. Been using it for 10-12 years now in my shop. A true testament to quality Kellogg-American made compressors