How often should I change my Kellogg-American’s oil?

Kellogg-American’s come standard with “break-in” oil designed for the first 50 hours. Accurate oil change intervals should be determined by a fluid sampling report and directed by the analysis. A rough guideline for most Kellogg-American is to change the oil every 3 months.

When should I replace the Air Intake Filter?

The Air Intake Filter should be cleaned on a semi-daily basis. When the filter accumulates debris that does not come out during cleaning, or develops tears or holes, the filter should be replaced.


What voltage should I run my Kellogg-American on?

It depends on the size of the compressor and what your compressor has been designed for. Most larger models run on Single Phase 208-230 or 3 Phase 208-230/460.

Will my Kellogg-American run on a generator?

It is not recommended to use a generator to power any compressor. Generators have fluctuations in power and compressors require constant voltage to be able to run.


What happens if water is left in my Kellogg-American tank?

Compressor tanks are made of steel and rust will start to occur if water is left in the tank. It is best to drain your tank with the drain valve daily to eliminate this problem.


What size hoses should I use with my Kellogg-American?

This will depend on the type of Kellogg-American you have. The two most commonly used sizes are 1/4″ and 3/4″ hose. Check your compressor’s maual or discharge port.

What is the maximum length hose I should use with my Kellogg-American?

This will depend on the size of your compressor and the CFM required. Generally, for a small portable unit, 150′ is the maximum. For an Industrial Series compressor that length can be much greater.


How much air will I need to power my air compressor tools?

Please see the Kellogg-American Air Tool CFM Guide for a list of tools and their respective CFM requirements.

How often should I service my Kellogg-American?

This depends on how often you run your compressor. If you are only running it occassionally then annual service should be fine. If you use your compressor daily then quarterly maintenance is suggested.

My compressor stores air at a high pressure, yet my tools require a low pressure, what should I do?

This is a common problem, but luckily there is an easy fix. To provide the required pressure to your tools, add a pressure regulator to your line. Pressure regulators can be set for any desired pressure, giving you the correct air pressure when the air reaches your tool.

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