Kellogg-American engineering started with a clear mission; “Develop an industry leading series of air compressors, specifically for rugged commercial and industrial duty use”. This led to the design of high quality time proven Kellogg American two stage compressor pumps. The Kellogg-American compressor pump design is the most robust on the market today, with features such as oil ring lubrication, which provides much more reliable lubrication than a simple splash lube system. The pump includes head and centrifugal unloaders, large diameter fully finned intercoolers, Swedish steel cushioned disc valves, and the all iron construction as opposed to aluminum used in cheaper competitive units. This has made the Kellogg American pump the industry leader for decades.

Unlike the competition, our quality control group monitors all facets of manufacturing, from raw castings to finished product. This allows Kellogg-American to assure our customers the finest product possible. Heavy duty, fully loaded machines deserve the best in component manufacturing, assembly, and testing to assure a long lasting product. It is our mission to provide excellence in product design, engineering, and manufacturing and a total commitment to our customers.

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our history

FEBRUARY 1901 - Company Founding Ramapo Foundry manufactured railroad break shoes. It grew into a conglomerate with more than 500 workers at its largest facility in Mahwah. At this complex of labs, foundries, offices and worker housing, it made railroad & automotive products, hydraulics, castings & friction material. During WWII the foundry fulfilled defense contracts.
June 1902 - Company Renamed, From 1902-1943 , Ramapo Foundry was called the American Brake Shoe and Foundry.
June 1910 - Kellogg-American operates under the American Shoe Company Brand In the early 1900’s, Kellogg-American was formulated as part of the American Brake Shoe Company, which was located in Rochester, NY. During this period some air compressors produced were for on-board use and some early automobiles with pneumatic tires included on-board inflation systems.
August 1925 - Kellogg-American Relocated Kellogg-American relocated to Oakmont, PA and became the leading producer of Automotive and Service Station Compressors. During this period, before the advent of the throw away aluminum compressor, Kellogg-American was a major supplier to Sears
March 1965 - Kellogg-American Partners with CompAir During the 1960"s, Kellogg-American developed an allegiance with CompAir to sell Hydrovane Compressors in order to supplement their lineup. They also developed a line of screw compressors using Howden airends.
March 1972 - Kellogg-American Purchased by CompAir In the early 70"s, Kellogg-American was purchased by CompAir.
April 1978 -Move Campus to Kingston, NH In the late 70"s, Kellogg-American moved into a beautiful new facility in Kingston, NH..
June 1989 - New Facility a new 120,000 square foot factory in Independence, VA opened.
June 1989-Omni Gear manufactures pumps for Kellogg-American
December 1998 - New Management In the late 90"s CompAir bought LeROI and put LeROI management in charge of Kellogg-American.
February 2004 - Kellogg-American Discontinued Early in this century it was decided that Kellogg-American Compressors were not a CompAir core business and they were discontinued.
July 2012 - The Omnigear Group acquires the trademark rights to Kellogg-American Kellogg-American, which is now headquarted in Houston, TX, owns the rights and trademarks to Kellogg-American and Kellogg-American. Today, Kellogg-American manufactures the original industrial Kellogg-American pump and fully packaged Kellogg-American
July 2012- Omni Gear revives Kellogg-American